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The final result of an entire wintersession Introduction to Marketing course worth of work, this assignment was to choose a company from a given list and create a comprehensive marketing plan around the addition of a new product that the company doesn't currently sell. We were instructed to include primary and secondary research as well as a production budget and selling price point, with research and explanation to back up our choices.


This Managerial Accounting assignment was designed as part of a final exam to test how well the students could navigate and retrieve information from an SEC annual 10k report of a business of our choice. 


For an Honor's Sociology course taught by professor and renowned author Dr. Mahin Gosine, students were asked to read, summarize and critically analyze one of his many books Let them Eat Cake: A Discourse on Why Leaders Fail chapter by chapter. This was the finished product of that assignment.


This is the finished final paper for an Honor's Western Civilization II course. Due to the nature of the course, students were given loose guidelines and free reign to pick any historical event or nuance that occurred between the start and end of the time period covered in the course (presumably something that was of interest to the individual) and elaborate on it in an essay format. 


The final term paper for a Consumer Behavior course. This is an in-depth analysis of an assigned age cohort, and how they react to / interact with certain topics. I was responsible for the Media section as well as media recommendations.


For the same Honor's Sociology class, the final paper was to discuss the role of leaders within a civil society, using the information taught over the course of the semester. 


This alternate midterm assignment was given in an Honor's Communications course, due to inclimate weather. Students were asked to answer each of the questions (bolded) as completely as possible and to the best of their abilities. 


The final presentation for a Fundamentals of Advertising and Promotion course. We developed an ad campaign for a now discontinued Adobe product.


***The plansbook from this year's AAF's National Student Advertising Competition can be provided upon request for the purpose of being considered for employment only. 

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